Angkor Daily Tours

Do you wish to visit Cambodia and in particular, the spectacular temples of Siem Reap, while discovering the local ways of life and venture into unique sights, avoiding the typical tourist traps? If this is the case, I am your guide. As your personal guide, I can adapt a program to meet your specific needs, visiting all the major sights or focus on your own particular interests. Wherever you go the welcome is warm and the smiles are wide, as the Cambodian people are some of the friendliest in the region.


  • Angkor wat one day tourAngkor wat one day tour
    This one day tour is designed for those travelers who have limited time to explore Siem Reap Province. It combines a two days' itinerary into one day.

  • Two Days TourTwo Days Tour
    I would be delighted to take care of your sightseeing adventure to the Kingdom of wonder if you would send me your travel plans. I am sure that you will experience and enjoy with our rich culture, tradition and architecture in my lovely country.

  • Three Days TourThree Days Tour
    We are always flexible and pride ourselves in giving you a sense of independent travel, please tell us your special requirements and interests such as photography, art and architecture, history, village life or any other interests that you might enjoy exploring.

  • Four Days TourFour Days Tour
    I am proud to say that our area is the most attraction for whom want to discover new lands and experience new things. I can help you make the most of your time even if your travel days are limited

  • Five Days TourFive Days Tour
    I believe no matter who we are, the most important thing is how we serve, we love to show the best of our areas,culture, architecture, history, art and tradition to the world. The world is like a book, for those who don't travel read only one page.

  • Six Days TourSix Days Tour
    You will not be a lone by traveling to the second country you have never been in, you will feel warm with our hospitality and enjoy your stay in our lovely area. Cambodia is the must to see for whom interested in art, culture, architecture, history and photography.