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Dear Vanith, Feel free to post this review to your site/Tripadvisor from Anna and Mate from Hungary: Vanith is a highly knowledgable and professional, super helpful guide. We enjoyed every moment of our trip in Cambodia thanks to his stories, personal examples, and the details he shared with us. We could only recommend him! Cheers, Anna and Mate

Date Posting: 03/04/16
Posted By: Anna Moldovan

Vanith, touring Angkor Wat with you has been a delight. We found you to be extremely friendly, knowledgeable and informative about not only Angkor Wat, but about all things Cambodian. When we asked you a question about some of the local food available at the markets, you had your driver take a detour to show us a special market, and even bought us a Khmer egg! (not to mention all the cool stuff you told us about bugs and termites!) Getting to see and learn about the many temples we toured was fantastic (of course) but probably just as interesting was getting to learn so much from you about Cambodian customs, food, and history. We would highly recommend you as an English-language guide to anyone. Michael and I have tried to think of suggestions for how you could improve your services, and had a hard time coming up with anything useful. Having the cold water, the cool towels, and the air-conditioned van are all huge assets to the services you offer. We also really appreciate how helpful you have been in pointing out good photo opportunities, not to mention the many photos you so kindly offered to take for us. Many thanks again for everything you've taught and shown us over the past two days; you have hugely enriched our experience here in Cambodia. Christy and Michael

Date Posting: 09/14/15
Posted By: ff

I remember being introduced to Vanith Hoeum @ the Journeys Within Boutique Hotel in Siem Reap on 4 Feb. 2013 @ 8:00AM.

He presented himself with a friendly and polite smile on his face with an eager look on him to show us beautiful Siem Reap and the Angkor Temple Complex. His knowledge of the history of Angkor, Siem Reap and Cambodia was phenomenal. He literary was our History teacher with a smile, of course, during the 3-days we were with him. I have learned more from him during this trip compared to my Asian History class during high school 40+ years ago.

He was very thorough with his descriptions and explanations regarding the history of all the sites he took us. Along with his knowledge and experience as a Tour Guide, he was also a kind, conscientious, friendly, bubbly and hospitable person who is full of energy and eager to please others. He conducted tours in a comfortable and relaxed pace consistent with our level of energy and physical abilities and was never in a hurry. Because of this, we were able to absorb the knowledge he imparted to us regarding the historical sites, local customs and traditions of his beautiful land. He really is a true and consummate professional that is matched only by his good nature, intelligence, friendliness and respect to others. After the 3-days with him, I have considered him a new found friend, which was truly an honor and pleasure for me to do so. Undoubtedly, I will communicate with him regularly and plan to visit him again in the future.

THANK YOU, VANITH, MY FRIEND for taking care of us. We hope to see you again in the future!

Date Posting: 02/25/13
Posted By: Mr. Eduardo Bondoc
interested., The Philippines and U.S.A.

A big thank you to Vanith for being such a great tour guide to us during our 1 day trip to Siem Reap. Even though we only have 1 day but he really makes us feel at home. We really appreciate his humble and friendly attitude. Having him around as our tour guide really helps us a lot in knowing the history of Siem Reap.

I would say that Vanith is a pleasant guy who always smile no matter how tired is he. He is very thoughtful and he really understand all his customers need. He is very flexible in fulfilling his customers need. I would say I have no regret in choosing him as our tour guide. I will definitely be coming back to Siem Reap again and this time I will choose no one but our thoughtful and friendly tour guide Mr. Vanith Hoeum

Date Posting: 09/25/12
Posted By: Sheryl Woo
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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